About us

In 2009 I encountered Jesus at a Calvary Chapel service, He saved me that day, oh what a Blessed day that was, soon after the Lord gave me a strong desire to study His word.

In early 2011 I was at a Bible study at my church’s office (that’s where we would have our mens study) and after the study while everyone was fellowshipping I noticed my pastors Bible it was a black Thinline NKJV, It was laying on a desk, with no one around me, I picked it up and instantly fell in love the with the feel of the Bible, it was soft and flexible. I found out that day it was a LAMBSKIN leather.

I told myself “one day ima buy a Bible like that for myself” the following week I asked the Church secretary how much it was to buy a Bible like our pastors . She responded saying “it’s in the $200 range” my eyes got big from shock!

I definitely couldn’t afford a Bible in that price range. Soon after I started to do some research and found out there were people who could “rebind” any Bible you had. I got so excited, I told myself again (as you can see I talk to myself a lot) “Im going to buy a Bible that I like with the perfect format and font size and I’m going to send it send it to a rebinder and ask to put the softest leather possible.

So that’s what I did, I bought the Bible in imitation leather and my friend and I actually drove to a rebinder in Southern California (I lived near Palm Springs during this time) when we got there I told this rebinder what I wanted “soft Leather, ribs on the spine, and 3 ribbons I also want NKJV put on the spine” he said “it’s gonna be $300 -ish.” Me being naive I said “ok” I paid in cash that day. (Of course I had saved up for a while).

About a week later the Bible came in the mail. It was a what many people know as a rugged rough cut paste down rebind, it wasn’t a liner (which we’ll talk about it later) which at the time I was Naively ok with.

There were things I liked and things that disappointed me. I’ll just share 2 of each, the thing I liked was the leather itself it was soft to the touch that’s exactly what I wanted, it was cow leather, what I didn’t like was that the “stamping” he attempted to do was more like a searing hot stamp. You could barely see the “NKJV” at all. But I didn’t want to make it a big deal. I still have that Bible to this day.

Years later In 2015 I seen video on YouTube “on how to rebind your own Bible” the video was short and to the point an older man was basically In a few minutes showed how to rebind a Bible the the same way this guy who I paid $300+ did. I told myself “that’s it”? I paid $300 for that?

And that’s when started to do more research and learned about the different types of rebinds.
I learned about the premium leather liner rebinds that look elegant (like Schuyler and abba) I learned that people pay about $300 for those rebinds! (Which leather lined rebinds are worth the $300) And thats when I felt Iike I had gotten ripped off!

I basically paid premium Bible price but got a basic rebind paste Down rebind.
And that’s was the catalyst for me to try my 1st rebind.
I got scraps of leather from a thrift shop and just went and tried my 1st rebind. It wasn’t the best job but it wasn’t that bad, it gave me confidence to keep going. Little by little I was getting better and better, I would offer to rebind peoples bibles for free and people actually liked them!

Soon my brother in law started to help me and we started to rebind Bibles together and that’s when we came up with the name HOLYBOUND But we would only do it when someone requested a rebind, mostly for donations. We really wouldn’t put ourselves out there. We both had full time jobs and we put more focus on that.

In 2017 I married my Beautiful wife Jennifer and soon after we had our 1st child our daughter Zaylah, that’s when I learned how expensive kids were. I was In the construction business but things got really slow and I was in need of money especially with a baby so out of necessity I told myself “you know what Ima take this rebinding thing more seriously”

At the time my Brother in law who would help me rebind had started another business that was thriving so I asked him if it was ok for me to take the rebinding equipment for myself to make money, he graciously agreed.

Soon after that I rebound a few Bibles and put them online to see if they would sell, and to my amazement people would buy them! And I’ve been selling and rebinding people’s Bibles ever since.

I told myself that I want to be affordable to God’s people,as I learned the hard way that most rebinders charge a lot but I want to be that option for that brother/sister in the Lord who’s barely making it and needs their Bible that’s falling apart restored and that ls why Holybound exist.

Our prices are significantly lower than most rebinders and if we do raise our prices in the future it would only be due to inflation (supply and demand). And our goal is to be a Blessing to the church body by keeping their Bible’s strongly bounded and on their laps.

Today my wife and I have 2 beautiful daughters Zaylah and Jayleen and I pray that God would use this this Business to make provision for my beautiful family that God has graciously given me,
May His will be done.

Rebind your own Bible

starting price


ribbon (any color)

$5.00 each

Ribs on spine

Standard rebind

add on

starting: $10.00

Reattaching pages

starting: $10.00


starting: $20.00


starting: $10.00

starting: $6 shipping 50% deposit pay the rest when it's done