Q: How long does a rebind take?

A: Depending on how much orders I have at the moment it can vary, usually it takes 5 to 10 business days, the time can increase as I get more orders.

Q:What type of rebinds do you do?

A:I mainly focus on paste down rebinds, some people know them as rough-cut rebinds (please observe pictures)

Q:Do you do edge-lined Rebinds?

A: I have done them, but I rarely do them, as I get more practice and confidence in doing them I will announce on the website that they are available as well, I will very likely have some “ready to ship” edge lined Bibles for sale very soon. Also those are more pricey only because it takes a longer time to make them and it’s more work.

Q: what kind of leather do you use?

A: I mainly use genuine cowhide leather. I have bison available as well but that leather is more pricey because it’s thicker leather.

Q: What color Leather do you have available?

A: I’ll pretty much have any color that you want. If it’s other than black or brown it might be about $25 extra only because I have to order the custom leather for the Bible.

Q: Do you do stamping on Bibles?

A: yes I do, I can put stamping on the spine of the Bible and I could add a name on the bottom right of the front cover as well

Q: Can you do any color ribbon?
A:Yes I can.

Rebind your own Bible

starting price


ribbon (any color)

$5.00 each

Ribs on spine

Standard rebind

add on

starting: $10.00

Reattaching pages

starting: $10.00


starting: $20.00


starting: $10.00

starting: $6 shipping 50% deposit pay the rest when it's done